In my work, I associate the current events transpiring where I live with the images of my own mindscape, weaving my personal mythology into the art I create. In the process, I investigate the dynamics of how the self is shaped by changes in personal, social, and cultural environments. The images in my work often mirror those of mythology, fantasy, and folktales that are closely linked to our subconscious and animalistic instincts. The narratives I explore are left unexplained but are interlinked with literature, feminism, and personal experience.

As an immigrant from Korea to the U.S., some of my inspiration directly stems from Asian folklore, fairytales, and religious iconography, which heavily influenced my childhood. I examine a landscape of longing, displacement, and escapism to memories and the fantasy world. The influence of my personal history is apparent in my work, through the quiet presentation of the issues of social and cultural adaptation, gender, love, and intimacy. 

Meanwhile, my labor-intensive process of drawing, painting, cutting, pasting, photo manipulation, and layering blurs the boundary between traditional painting and collage techniques as well as digital methods. By manipulating various sources and images, I envision an enigmatic world filled with imagination and the fragments of reality, exploring the complex relationships between society, culture, and human nature.