In my work, I explore images and symbols associated with mythologies, folktales, and legends. I connect these images with current events transpiring where I live and decode their meanings in my life. The narratives that I weave in my work are interlinked with literature, feminism, and my personal experiences as a woman and immigrant. 

My inspiration includes Asian folklore, fairytales, and religious iconography. By mining these stories and images which influenced my childhood, I examine a landscape of longing and escapism into memories and fantasy worlds. The cycle of birth, marriage, and regeneration I experience as a woman is another central theme and particular interest. 

I also manipulate images and patterns from fashions and media, such as women’s clothing, decorative paper, and magazines, which attempt to ignite consumers’ desires and manifest contemporary lifestyles. I mingle pieces of fabric and paper with mythological figures or combine them into abstract shapes. Surrounded by the remnants of modern consumer society, my figures reflect the dynamics of identity shaped by ever-fluctuating reality. 

By using various sources and images, I explore the intersection of art, craft, and design while quietly representing the issues of social and cultural adaptation, gender, love and intimacy.